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Avid Real Estate’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer financial solutions to property owners facing difficult real estate situations. In doing so, we treat each person with Dignity and Respect, while being fully committed to our core values of Honesty & Integrity. 

About Avid Real Estate

Vision Statement:

Offer financial solutions to property owners who feel constricted by their real estate.


I returned home from deployment in August 2018 and began my normal 9-5 civilian job routine. September 2018 was the start. I ran into a colleague with a peculiar situation. He was in bankruptcy. He divulged this information inadvertently, maybe as a way of getting it off his chest, but in his words I could understand his pain and frustration. He was trapped. He was in bankruptcy, his home was in foreclosure, he had a 1st and 2nd mortgage and on top of it all there was a tax lien on the property. He was about to lose his home. Hearing this story I offered to help. I wish I could say I was able to save his home but I was not; once bankruptcy ended everyone with interest immediately came after the property. He lost the property without making a single penny on his biggest asset, and in fact, he probably still owes. I share this story because I learned a lot in the process of helping him and have since been able to purchase homes prior to sellers losing them in auctions and sheriff sales etc. I have even managed to empower some people with knowledge/resources which allowed them to remain in the home, because it was the right thing to do. Yes I do buy properties but that is a by-product to first helping people.

Bryan Jones

CEO, Real Estate Specialist,
Property Manager

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