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Why Sell My House Fast?

If your company needs you to transfer to a different city or state you may to sell your house as quickly as possible. It may be that you lost your job or quit and may need to sell to lower your spending. This is not including other factors, such as adjustable price home mortgages getting out of hand as the price balloons. Other problems such as mounting medical bills, divorce, or other problem can be a taxing concern that leaves you with the need to sell your house fast.

The truth is, when you need to leave in a hurry, most real estate agents and Realtors really can’t sell within such a short time frame. There can be many factors that get in the way of selling the home fast enough when not working with a direct sale. Listing your home requires substantially more paperwork, and there are requirements for your house before it can be put up for sale. Home inspections take time to set up and report back on. Hiring a photographer and getting the house ready for them takes time to make sure everything is perfectly in place. Open houses, dozens of meetings, and all of this red tape can be cut through and help you deal with the problem of selling your home in a smaller time frame by selling your home to Avid Real Estate.

No matter where or when you need to sell your home its best to first look at all of your options and see what will help you reach your goal the best with the most benefit. While listing with an agent will sometimes get you a better price on your home, the overall amount of money you receive might be less, and the amount of time you need to commit to the project often being far more than you have. Here are just a few details:

The Differences Selling with an Agent Selling with Avid Real Estate
Commissions/Fees Often, 6% or more is paid by you, the seller NONE
Closing Costs 2% on average is paid by you NONE
Home Inspections Up to 15% of Home Sales never make it due to inspections NONE
Financing Contingency Another 15% of Home Sales never make it due to Financing NONE
Appraisal Needed Yes, you’ll often be stuck waiting for multiple appraisals NONE
Average Days Until Sold Around 91 days or more Whenever you’re ready
Number of Showings A Wild range from one to any number Just One (Avid Real Estate)
Closing Date One to two Months after receiving offers The Day of YOUR choice
Repair Costs Negotiated after inspection NONE- Its on us
Tenants May be evicted We’ll take over any tenants